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Genesis® 150 - Colostrum Replacer

Genesis® 150 is fed instead of maternal colostrum, when colostrum is unavailable or is of questionable quality.

Genesis® 150 should be fed to the calf as its first feeding, within 2 hours of birth. Genesis® 150 provides everything the newborn calf needs in just one feeding, so the second feeding can be colostrum, milk, or milk replacer.


  • 150 g globulin protein is an effective dose
  • Research proven technology
  • NeoTec4® active fatty acids
  • Easy to mix and feed


  • When colostrum is unavailable or is of questionable quality
  • To help reduce the transfer of disease via infected maternal colostrum
  • For calves of high genetic potential

Genesis® 150 is...

  • Highly Concentrated:
    Genesis® 150 is among the most concentrated products on the market today.

  • Colostrum Derived:
    Genesis® 150 provides globulin protein and other functional proteins that are ONLY found in colostrum. These proteins support long term nutrition and growth.

  • Easy to Mix and Feed:
    Using Genesis® 150 will greatly reduce the time it takes to prepare and feed the calf.

  • Research Proven:
    Numerous controlled studies show excellent absorption of globulin protein.